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How to unlock an iPhone so you can use any SIM

How to unlock and iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c. Our guide to getting a free unlock code for iPhones enables you to unlock an iPhone without using a jailbreak or hack. Learn how to legally unlock your iPhone.

How can I unlock my iPhone and use an alternative SIM from another mobile provider?

In this article we show you how to unlock all iPhones, including how to unlock iPhone 4, how to unlock iPhone 5, and how to unlock the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c ATT. The guide includes how to unlock an iPhone for free with a free unlock code from your mobile phone company; how to get an old iPhone 4s unlock code to make old iPhones work on new networks; and how to unlock an iPhone without a jailbreak. You can get a free and legal unlock code from your network and unlock your iPhone - we show you how.

How to unlock an iPhone: iPhone 5s

How to unlock an iPhone: Escaping your network
If you've bought a second-hand iPhone, or inherited one from a friend or family member who has updated their iPhone to a newer model, you may be wondering why your iPhone 4 (say) isn't working on your mobile network. This is likely to be because your iPhone is tied to O2, or Vodaphone, or another network. New iPhones are often SIM-locked to a particular carrier, meaning that the iPhone only works with a SIM card provided by the same carrier. In order to use the iPhone you will need to unlock it.

Having identified that the reason your iPhone doesn't work with your network is that it is locked, you will be wondering how to unlock it. How do I unlock my iPhone 4? How can I get my iPhone 5 to work with my network? These are common questions. iPhone SIM unlocking gets around this problem, enabling you to use any SIM card in your iPhone. Luckily it's easy to unlock your phone if you follow these tips.

Many people think iPhone unlocking is difficult, or illegal, and the suspect-looking shops that specialise in SIM card unlocking don't do much to suggest that iPhone unlocking is a legitimate practice. But you can get free iPhone unlock codes from your mobile phone operator, and it's all above board. We will show you how.

How do I unlock an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, or 5c?
iPhone unlocking can transform an old iPhone. Knowing how to unlock an iPhone 3GS, for example, can get you a great older iPhone at a bargain price. This tutorial will show you how to unlock you old iPhone. With your unlocked iPhone 4 or later you can use a SIM card from any network in your iPhone.

Can I unlock my iPhone?
The good news is that it's usually possible to unlock the iPhone. The bad news is that sometimes it's not so easy as it might be with other iPhone models. It depends on the phone's circumstances and your mobile phone provider.

Sometimes your network will unlock the phone for free, especially if the phone is no longer in its initial contract period. However if you haven't finished paying for the phone on your initial contract then the provider may not give you an unlock code when you move to a different provider. In which case you can attempt to unlock the phone yourself, but this may not be as cheap or easy as you'd like.

Is it legal to unlock an iPhone?
Yes. In most instances, it is perfectly legal to unlock an iPhone in the UK. Especially if you own the phone outright and have fully paid any outstanding contract. The grey area arises when you own a phone on a contract and you are still paying the contract.

If you've bought an iPhone 5S on a 24-month contract, then the monthly fee is paying for both the handset and the call allowance. This is the reason why the lock exists in the first place, and if you wish to unlock an iPhone you should check with the carrier first. Some carriers will still unlock your iPhone even if you are under contract, although they may charge a small amount first.

Do all iPhones need unlocking?
No. Apple sells many iPhones in the UK unlocked, and they can be used on all networks. Typically an iPhone that you have picked up from the Apple Store will be unlocked, and you can use it on any network. An iPhone that you have purchased from a carrier, such as O2, Three or Vodafone, will often be locked to that network.

iOS Screen-Recording App You'd Better Hustle

If You Want This iOS Screen-Recording App You'd Better HustleEXPAND
xRec, which appeared in the iTunes store on Saturday, promises to record everything on your iPhone's screen — including apps that prohibit screengrabs. If you're into that sneaky kind of thing, you better grab it fast, because we don't expect it to stay in iTunes very long.
UPDATE: A reader informs us that this app had been pulled from iTunes as of July 24th. Just as we suspected.
The app, which costs $2 assuming you can still get it, pops a throbbing red "record" notification bar while it's capturing video of whatever is on your screen, and can capture audio as well as video, saving both to your camera roll or other apps. This isn't the first such app. In fact, Giga reports xRec uses code from the similar app RecordMyScreenAnd despite such activity being against Apple policy, beta versions of iOS7 inadvertently allowed screengrabs of SnapChatswithout notifying the sender. It's probably safe to assume that xRec, and the iOS7 loophole, will be squashed in short order by iTunes. [Giga via Cnet]

Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1

There's Finally a Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1
iOS 8 is just around the corner (and as all updates, potentially unjailbreakable), but for folks who have found themselves stuck on the more recent 7.1.1 and unable to jailbreak, there's finally an option. Thrown together by as-yet untested Chinese developers Pangu, the untethered jailbreak is Windows only, but works for all devices that can run 7.1.1.
A few other jailbreaks have been demoed, but none of have made it into the wild until now. Of course, given that this is Pangu's first stab at jailbreaking, it might be wise to be cautious; there's no telling (yet) if any bits of Pangu's code are busted or malicious. This is hot off the presses so you should probably wait for the dust to settle. If you can't (you should!) you can download the tool here.
It's still best and easiest for jailbreakers to not upgrade to 7.1.1 at all, but now there's a solution for when it's already too late. Now just brace yourselves for iOS 8. 

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Need AT&T Unlock iPhone? This video guide help you!

How to factory unlock iPhone AT&T?

If you have iPhone locked to AT&T US carrier you can unlock iPhone IMEI during business days and stay be unlocked permanently. Any baseband, iOS versions including iOS 7.0.5 and coming iOS 7.1. on AT&T iPhone can be factory unlocked for using SIM cards of any other carrier worldwide.

Video powered by DigitalUnlocking

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iOS 7 iPhone Unlock and Jailbreak: New Possibilities

Fun iOS 7 Tricks for iPhone Users and How to Get More Awesome iOS Features

Apple products are popular among millions of customers across the world. The iPhone is one of the most expensive yet desirable smartphones. iOS 7 firmware offers some unique and exclusive features to “fruit” gadget users and you can add more features to the list of available options.

Firstly, you can jailbreak iOS 7 iPhone with Evasi0n7 untethered utility and install different Cydia tweaks. For example, you are able to download a tool which makes it possible to colorize your operating system. Having a colorful iOS 7 is something fun and not boring at all. While there are a lot of free iOS 7 Cydia apps, this one costs some money. ModMyi repo offers Fancy application for $0.99.

4G Network Rollout from 3 Three Hutchison in the UK

4G 3 Three Hutchison UK

Three UK carrier is planning to launch its 4G service in more cities across the UK. If you happen to live in Birmingham, Reading, London or Manchester you can expect getting 3 Three Hutchison coverage right before Christmas 2013. The company is also hoping to cover West Bromwich, Oldham, Wolverhampton and Dudley before this year is over.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Vodafone Will Stop to Offer iPhone 5 in UK

It is difficult to believe that not long ago appeared iPhone 5 is about to disappear from the official sale. And all because of iPhone 5S and 5C presented recently, and the operators rush to stop selling the outdated model.

The British section of Vodafone will soon stop selling 32 -gigabyte and 64 -gigabyte version of the iPhone 5.
The following products will no longer be available: