Sunday, 13 October 2013

iPhone O2 UK Outage Problems: Reasons & How to Avoid in the Future

 Some people from UK had problems while using iPhones and other phone models with O2 UK carrier. The company experiences some problems with its wireless network, and it confirmed such issues. What has caused the outage? Can customers continue to enjoy a good connection? We have all the answers, and we’ll share the official comments with you.

At first, visitors of O2 website could read a message that some people were facing problems while using their devices on its network. Some issues were related to data usage. Other bugs were more
complicated and annoying. Such outage wasn’t experienced since over a year ago when millions of UK residents were left without service at all and even didn’t provide compensation to affected users.
After the last problem that occurred in October 2012, the company was expected to improve its network stability by investing £10 million.

The Problems with O2 UK Network Solved

This time the issue wasn’t that horrible. The carrier fixed the problem by now and promises it will run smoothly for iPhone O2 and other phone holders in the UK. The outage was caused by upgrading works on the company’s 3G and 2G networks, as the site explained. The issues were seen by about 1 per cent of mobile operator’s clients [about 163 thousand people].

The network outage lasted for 12+ hours. If you don’t want to suffer it ever again you can simply unlock O2 iPhone if you are using this network in the UK. It is easy to do using IMEI unlock. This factory service is distant, safe and affordable. You just need to be sure your gadget is activated with O2. Provide your IMEI number to the trusted company that offers permanent factory unlocking service and wait till the status of your iDevice is officially changed to “unlocked” in Apple database of IMEI code numbers.

Use your iPhone with any network of your choice and avoid any network outages experienced by different carriers.

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