Saturday, 12 October 2013

Unlock iPhone from UK Instructions for O2, Three Hutchison, Vodafone

Users who live in the UK or customers who purchase Apple smartphones from UK resellers often get a locked to Vodafone3 HutchisonO2 device. Is it possible to unlock iPhone from UK? How can you do this if you are still on a contract? According to O2, users are able to perform iPhone unlock for free and this will not affect their contract.

Unlock iPhone from UKYou can use unlocking form created by O2 to order this process at no cost. You will still need to pay your monthly fees for as long as your contact is signed for. Still you should pay attention at the model you have got and the company’s policy for its unlock.

How to Get the Free iPhone Unlock?

It is important to include your original cell phone number once you place your online order for unlocking. Only this way you will get the service for free. Otherwise, some extra charges may be applied to you.
This information is for O2 customers only. If you are using Vodafone, 3 Hutchison or other network the form will not work for you. Get ready to wait up to 3 days before the gadget is set free from one carrier. The company will inform you about the successful unlock and you will have to insert any SIM card [not the one form O2], connect the handset to iTunes and see the message about your device being unlocked once and forever.

Other UK iPhones Unlock Procedure

Users who got their smartphone locked to Three [Hutchison], Vodafone etc. are also able to get permanent factory unlock by IMEI code. This procedure is not free but it is affordable, fast, reliable and safe. You need to select the company which offers IMEI unlock service for UK iPhone models and provide your IMEI number and the name of the carrier.

Unlock iPhone from UK

It often takes less than a day to perform such service. You will be informed through email once the procedure is completed and get further instructions on how to finish it by inserting a new SIM card, connecting to iTunes and seeing the “successfully unlocked” message.

This is distant unlock service. It doesn’t void Apple warranty. The company just returns your status as “unlocked” which is changed directly in Apple database of IMEI codes. You will not lose such status after iOS updates, baseband upgrades and SIM card switching.


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  3. Hey,If Orange are refusing to unlock your iPhone (which is something they frequently do) yes we can indeed unlock it for you. With respect to using your phone on Orange after unlocking (if that was your question?) then to clarify for you, once unlocked an iPhone can be used on any GSM network, including Orange UK.Thank you so much!