Thursday, 17 October 2013

Vodafone Will Stop to Offer iPhone 5 in UK

It is difficult to believe that not long ago appeared iPhone 5 is about to disappear from the official sale. And all because of iPhone 5S and 5C presented recently, and the operators rush to stop selling the outdated model.

The British section of Vodafone will soon stop selling 32 -gigabyte and 64 -gigabyte version of the iPhone 5.
The following products will no longer be available:
  •         iPhone 5 32GB Black
  •          iPhone 5 32GB White
  •          iPhone 5 64GB Black
  •          iPhone 5 64GB White
  •          iPhone 4S 16GB Black
  •          iPhone 4S 16GB White

iPhone 5 Vodafone UK Won’t Be Available At Stores Soon

What is particularly interesting, 16 -gigabyte version is does not disappear, and will continue to be offered on the Vodafone UK market.
We can understand Vodafone’s motives even if they do not have accurate information about the future of the iPhone 5, they obviously do not want to order too much old merchandise. However, info about similar measures was reported in the lobbies and other local operators like T-Mobile.
More than that, for example representatives of the German operator Vodafone reported on September 20 that they would stop selling iPhone 4S 16GB , iPhone 5 32GB and 64GB as well to replace them with brand new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.
iPhone 5S is an improved version of the iPhone 5 with a built- in fingerprint scanner Touch ID and iPhone 5C is a completely new product, with the plastic case in five colors.

So if you want to buy the new 5-th model you better unlock iPhone from UK and sell it. Why to unlock? Simply because such device will be more expensive after factory unlocking.


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