Tuesday, 1 April 2014

4G Network Rollout from 3 Three Hutchison in the UK

4G 3 Three Hutchison UK

Three UK carrier is planning to launch its 4G service in more cities across the UK. If you happen to live in Birmingham, Reading, London or Manchester you can expect getting 3 Three Hutchison coverage right before Christmas 2013. The company is also hoping to cover West Bromwich, Oldham, Wolverhampton and Dudley before this year is over.

3 Three iPhone users can expect more fast services not only in 2013, but also the next two years. Hutchison 3G operator will exceed its network for 42 cities and will most likely cover nearly 98 per cent of its population coverage by 2016. Its service will be available in York, Liverpool, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Preston, Oxford and other areas.

3 Three Hutchison UK to Expand Its 4G Network in December

The 4G network will not cost any extra money for the carrier’s customers. They will simply have to upgrade software, as the company notes. The SIM card, contract and package pricing will remain the same. If you don’t have a 4G-ready gadget yet, you will get it for free to experience all “the wonders of 4G” as Three states.

Other UK carriers, EE, O2 and Vodafone, have already started to roll out their 4G services. Three is the last one to jump into this train with EE already offering the new superfast service in over 100 cities across the country.

At the moment, there is no 4G coverage from Three. If you have an iPhone locked to this carrier you can switch to another local mobile operator or any other network by unlocking your handset. It is easy to perform iPhone 3 Three Hutchisonunlock by IMEI number. This service is easy to apply. Your handset is with you as companies offer distant factory unlock these days.

To order the service, you should find a trusted company and give your IMEI code [just make sure that your iDevice has been activated with the Three carrier before placing the order]. Wait till the status becomes “unlocked” and use any SIM card without problems.  


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